Pillows - so hot right now

April 17, 2013

Trending - pillowsAnyone else notice how neat pillows are these days? There are just so many good ones out there - they seem to be popping up everywhere! Here's a small list of some that have caught our eye over the last wee while. If you have any that you love that we have missed, let us know!
  1. Metropolis pillow created by Ukrainian illustrator Olga Degtjareva
  2. Ipanema needlepoint pillow by Jonathan Adler
  3. Confetti Pillow by Vanessa and Darren
  4. Besos Pillow by Caitlin Parker
  5. Giant Handmade Sheep Pillow by Gingiber
  6. Traditional Kiwiana pillow by Limited Vintage
  7. Screenprinted Lion pillow by sass&peril
  8. Hand painted linen pillow by Lauren Alison
  9. Yellow Handmade Seahorse by Surya Sanjnani
  10. Polka dot pillow by Amy M Cushions
  11. Ooh la la pillow byAlexandra Ferguson
  12. Hey Girl, The Gosling pillow by Dear Colleen

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