One Meal at a Time Notepad

The weekly schedule at the top of the page shows you at a glance each day’s menu. With the shopping list right below divided into 3 sections for fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy and the rest, shopping and meal preparation is streamlined and efficient already. This is one notepad you’ll never mislay.

Planning your daily menu for a week at a time is cost effective and time saving. And, life is so much easier when the shopping is done in one hit, with all the ingredients you need stashed in the pantry and fridge ready to use each day. These notepads make a wonderful gift for neighbours and friends, or a thoughtful little extra to add to a parcel.

+ Measures 125mm x 230mm
+ 50 pages printed on 100 gsm quality paper glued on top
+ A chipboard back keeps it all tidy
+ Magnetic strip on the back for handy fridge hanging

Collections: Paper Goods

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