Pamper Bundle

Put your feet up, run a hot bath, light a candle, surround yourself with motivational quotes, and treat yourself to some soothing balm.  Relax - you deserve it!

This gorgeous pack comes stunningly wrapped in our signature gift box, with wood shavings and a handy gift tag.


Toodles Noodles Scented Candle - Happy Place Vanilla
Our candles are individually hand poured.  Made with the finest quality soybean oil was, they contain no paraffins, and our cotton wicks are lead free.  Packaged up perfectly in little cans with typographic motivations sayings to liven any room.  Once the candle is finished, the cans are great to re-use for storing bits and bobs, or odds and ends!

Toodles Noodles Motivational Sayings Cards
Live your dreams and be inspired each day with these gorgeous cards, featuring eight unique quotes.  Add them to your planner, diary, vision board, or pin them around your work space as a daily reminder to keep doing what you love.

The Skin Kitchen Body Scrub (200g) - Coconut
Preserve your natural beauty with The Skin Kitchen Organic Coconut Scrub blended with natural oils.  Packed with antioxidants, aids in restoring and healing skin.

Health Lab Protein Balls - Energise Chocolate, Recover Peanut Butter, and 3pm Almond
Clean and nourishing protein balls, without any hidden nasties!  Balls are all 100% natural, with no added sugars, are gluten free and taste delicious.  Health Lab know what women want - and promise to hit the spot every time with guilt free protein rich snacks.

Ama Everyday Balm
Ama Everyday Balm is recommended for everyday use for hydration, anti-chafe and after sun car.  Perfect for your daily moisturiser.

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