About Toodles Noodles

Who are we?

We are a New Zealand based company. Our goal is to bring everyday beauty into loving homes, both locally and around the world.

We do this in the form of thoughtful, quality giftware that is designed to lift your spirits or brighten someone's day.

Good relationships with both our suppliers and our customers, along with respect for the environment are at the core of everything we do.


Who loves Toodles Noodles?

Toodles Noodles is created for the motivators, organisers, beautifiers and Girl Bosses everywhere.

We design giftware that is multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing. Because we believe that everyone deserves a little bit of beautiful.


What's important to us?

Our values: We are not just a pretty face. Here at Toodles Noodles, there are a few things that we hold close to our heart. You could call them values, we call them our: 

Little List of Love's 

We Love Quality - Every one of our pieces is designed to receive all your love and affection, from onesies to wall planners. Because pretty things can be strong too! 

We Love the Planet - I mean really, who wouldn't, it's the only place with chocolate! To ensure that it is here for all future Girl Bosses, we run our business as eco-friendly as possible! From recycled paper to reused packaging, we are doing our part to keep green things growing!

We Love Local - It is so important to us to support the amazing New Zealand industry that supported us right from day one. We choose our suppliers with care then put time, love and respect into those relationships. 
Because good karma is a thing... for real!


Who is Liora?

She is the founder and designer at Toodles Noodles. 

Her natural, contemporary style and passion for quality are fingerprinted across every piece. With a BA in Graphic Design as well as Visual Communication, Liora uses her knowledge of modern design to thoughtfully create each collection.

She has crafted the business around her personal values: uplifting messages, good quality of life, support for local business, care for the environment.


How to share?

Liora is always happy and beyond flattered to be featured on blogs or in magazines. Please feel free to use images of our work from this site or from the shop for articles. The only thing we ask in return is to credit the work back to us at toodlesnoodles.com. If you are from the printed press, you can contact Liora at hello@toodlesnoodles.com to request high-res images. Thank you and enjoy!

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