Weekly Roundup - 30 Nov

November 30, 2012 1 Comment

My oh my who can believe we're onto our last day of November 2012!  I can still remember last year as if it were yesterday... still living in Wellington, just printing our 2012 calendar, getting excited for my parents visit to New Zealand...oh how time flys! With time flying so quickly it helps us realise how much we really do have to cherish the little moments and those special people around us. With that I came up with this week's roundup - a simple but elegant collection of different gifts for the sisters / mothers / friends in your life!  I personally sent off my mom and sister's gifts in the post today (next time must think feather light pressies!) as tomorrow is the last day for internation air parcels to arrive on time! (a little hint hint for those waiting to purchase items x)
  1.  This week I discovered Sprout and Sparkle from Brisbane, Australia and frankly would be over the moon to receive anything from their beautiful store!
  2. What better way of saying hello to those close to you than a cheeky reminder in their wardrobe.
  3. Have lots of gifts to buy this year? This lovely pamper package by Little Flower Soap Co is sure to bring a smile without breaking your wallet!
  4. For a personal touch try a monogram mug available from Anthropologie.
  5. These funky socks from J.Crew will surely brighten up your stocking stuffers!
  6. Want to give something a bit more personal? Baking is a fantastic affordable way to show you care this season!
Have a great weekend everyone and see you in December (eek!) x

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kristen | Havok Designs
kristen | Havok Designs

February 19, 2015

love these picks!! especially the hello sweater and the typographic mugs :)) and I’m with you on the time thing…totally canNOT believe that it is december already…where did 2012 go? ;)

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