Weekly Roundup 4 January

January 04, 2013

Seeing Red Well who can actually believe that the holiday break has come to an end!? I'm not sure about you, but I'm certainly not ready to go back to regular life starting Monday. My staycation has been lovely but just not quite long enough. I've been lucky enough to have my partner at home with me every day - thus a date with him every day! We've been exploring different beaches, parts of Auckland, cooking delicious meals, and relaxing around the house. With garnet being January's and my birthstone - here's a bright red roundup for you this week!
  1. A fantastically fun tutorial on how to do two-toned lips
  2. Martha Stewart has come out with a list of Valentine's Day cocktails - this Rasberry Chocolate Kiss Cocktail looks delish!
  3. Just love this cherry illustration by Lisa Masterson - it's so sweet.
  4. Finding this bow bandeau bikini absolutely adorable- who can resist bows??
  5. Just love this whole outfit.
  6. Red velvet melting moments sound like just the best baked good yet!
  7. Do you have a Valentine? Let them know with this heartbreaking print.
Until next week lovelies! x

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