Weekly Roundup 1 March

March 01, 2013 1 Comment

Weekly Roundup 1 March Holy smokes who can believe today is the first day of March! How this year has been flying by... We have been go go go this week with the NZ Gift Fair starting this Sunday! Tonight we collected all the lovely items from On My Hand who have helped style this big event - including a special hand painted sign! We are collecting the rest of our new products from our amazingly talented screen printers tomorrow (nothing like a bit of a deadline to get the heart rate up), making some final amendments to our product booklets just in time to print and of course remembering to breath! But enough about us - wedding season is in full bloom so this week we dedicated the weekly roundup to some fun finds for some colourful wedding accessories!
  1. This something blue is handmade in France by Julie Duchesne and is available through her Etsy store.
  2. Looking for some fun accessories to hand out to your guests? How about some chevron pinwheels!
  3. How fantastic is this wedding styled by Heima Store and Heim Interiors - loving all the colours and patterns!
  4. These cosmetic bags make the perfect bridesmaid gift.
  5. Who doesn't love a yellow chevron table runner - hello happiness!
  6. Wanting that extra something at your reception? Try some chevron straws with heart accents - just perfectly over the top cute.
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and keep on the lookout for our free March wallpaper designs coming soon! Also, if you live in the Auckland area and are attending the Gift Fair we would love to put a face to the name so come by and say hello!

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February 19, 2015

Hello! Thank you so much for including my cosmetic bags here. What a lovely roundup & a gorgeous blog. Happy day to you, xo

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