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May 28, 2013 1 Comment

BBLBBL4 BBL BBL3 We have some pretty amazing stockists and we wanted to share them with you! What better way then turning the tables around and asking them some questions. First up in the new "store interview" series is the adorable shop The Bread and Butter Letter. Started by two friends who met each other through their boyfriends (who played together in a band) and a shared love for vintage and handmade. Store Name: The Bread and Butter Letter Your Name: Rose Howcroft Job Title: Co-owner / Buyer Location: 225 Karangahape Road, Auckland, New Zealand How did the idea of the store come about? My business partner, Sarah "da babe" Firmston, found a rad place that was really cost effective, and she wanted to turn it into something special. Once she got the idea for the shop, she asked me to be involved and I quickly agreed as it was such a neat and unique idea - and a fantastic way to flex my creative muscles! Why the name? Sarah read the phrase in an antique etiquette book! It is the name of what someone would send to the host of a party as a note of thanks. It's weird, and everyone thinks we are a cafe, but we like that it is really unique and fun to say! What kind of products do you sell? We sell vintage clothing, locally made tea, and gifts! Beautiful hand-made, local gifts that have a 'crafty' feel to them. It is a cool mix of items, and there is definitely something for everyone! What are the best and worst things about owning your shop? We love hearing people laugh and gush over products in the store! It is so neat to make people happy! If there was a down side, it could be that there is so much we want to do and never as much time and money to do them. You'll get that with any labour of love though, I suppose. What's your favourite creative outlet? For me, it would be anything that makes something from nothing. Sewing and knitting is great for this! What a thrill it is to create and be able to boast of it. There is no feeling like it, I think! I also make music. What are your top 5 websites/blogs at the moment and what makes them stand out? There are 5 blogs I enjoy for the same reason; that they stimulate my creativity in a massive way, as well as that they are a great way to find out about what is new from designers and artisans alike that I may have never been able to hear about otherwise. Oh, how I love you, The Internet. - The Frankie blog - A Beautiful Mess blog - Pinterest (follow me!) - The Man Repeller blog - Fancy! New Zealand Design Blog How do you find new designers / products to stock? We either find people online or at craft markets, or our suppliers find us and present their stock to us in an email. The latter has happened a lot and is really neat as we now stock such a variety of peoples products because of it. From grannies to graphic designers! What song or album are you currently playing in the shop? Real Estate - Green Aisles (lucky it wasn't Katy Perry this time! Phewf!) Where can people find you? Please come and say hi to us at 225 Karangahape Road, or check us out at We sell most of our goods online if you can't get to us in R.L (real life)

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auckland painters

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