Weekly Roundup 9 August

August 09, 2013

Toodles Noodles // Weekly roundup 9 August Last week I received a very lovely gift in the post that had so much thought into the wrapping - it reinvigorated me and brought an enormous smile to my face! Receiving a gift is always welcomed, but when the giver puts so much thought and effort into wrapping it - it takes the gift up to a whole other level! It goes to show that the giver put in a lot of thought and time into picking that gift for YOU. With that in mind and the fact that I'm gearing up for the Holiday Season (yes, can you believe it?!) and my next expo I've done some searching for fun gift wrapping ideas. It's all about creating a smile at the end of the day, and if that can be accomplished by putting a cookie into a little brown bag with some ribbon instead of on a serviette I'm all for it! Happy Friday everyone and have a fantastic weekend full of smiles!
  1. Little Ink based in Auckland have a fantastic array of gift wrap and baking accessories.
  2. Knot & Bow, located in New York, are known for their fun stickers and bakers twine.
  3. [Shameless plug] Toodles Noodles gift wrap off-set printed in New Zealand on kraft paper.
  4. Ink Kit have an amazing collection ranging from glittered pencils to sequinned ribbon!
  5. Studio Carta, located in Boston originally from Rome, have the most exquisite ribbon collection.
  6. Olive Manna have a great collection of packaging and home-ware products.
  7. Anastasia Marie is one clever cookie, make sure to follow her instagram.

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