Weekly Roundup - 13 September

September 13, 2013

Weekly Roundup 13 SeptemberIt's no secret to anyone who follows my instagram feed - I love coffee. I love the warmth and comfort drinking coffee in the morning brings everyday. Great stories are told over a cup of coffee. Business deals, plots and plans - all get done over a cup of coffee. This weekend Cafe L'affare is teaming up with the City Mission. Locals is a pop-up espresso bar supported by Caffe L'affare, where your love for coffee can be "paid" for with a can of food. Just trade a can for a coffee and they’ll donate all cans to the Auckland City Mission. WHEN: 9am to 11am this Friday 13th and Saturday 14th of September WHERE: 13 Rose Road, Ponsonby (just off Williamson Ave)
This week has flown by and felt never ending at the same time. Lots of orders being placed with all our different printers, shipments of new packaging products have been arriving daily, and emails have been coming and going nonstop. Last week's gift fair was a great boost to this wee company and suddenly it's not feeling so wee anymore.
Have a great weekend everyone and to those fellow coffee lovers out there, cheers!
  1. I would be lying if I said I didn't like a little danish with my coffee.
  2. Ice cold coffee by Eighthirty is delicious on a hot day.
  3. One can never have too many coffee mugs.
  4. A relaxing coffee in a quiet spot can be a perfect mini mental vacation.
  5. Need to take that coffee on the go? How about in a trendy Mason Jar!
  6. I am seriously contemplating purchasing this sign. Love it!

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