Free April Wallpapers

April 01, 2015


Why hello there April! Are we the only ones thinking this year is just flying by a bit too quickly? Although it's crazy to think we are already a fourth of the way through the year, we are secretly excited to indulge in some Hot Cross buns this weekend.

This month we tried something a bit different and came up with a new design that is very close to our hearts. No matter what it is: a new gym routine, a new business venture, saving money for a big trip - we sometimes need help reminding why we started. Good on ya we say and keep up the good work! This new design is available to download for free in all six colours for your computer, ipad and iphone!

Thank you so much for following our blog and loving our free wallpapers. It's so great to go the the markets and have people show us their phones with the designs on them! This all started about 3 years ago when I wanted something neat for my phone and couldn't find something out there and have kept going ever since - so thank you again! Without your support, Toodles honestly wouldn't' be where it is today! Enjoy!

Download wallpapers here

The formal bits: All photos, desktop wallpaper art, and designers are copyright. The use of this wallpaper is free and strictly for personal use. Sharing of these images on Pinterest, Facebook, or any social media is welcome, as long as you source and link back to Toodles Noodles.  If you’d like to blog about this post, feel free to, as long you credit and link back to this post and/or Toodles Noodles. Thanks so much for reading this boring but necessary bit


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