Weekly roundup 22 December

December 22, 2012

Well we did it! The summer / winter break is finally here and it's time to kick off those shoes and enjoy some time off! Yesterday was my last day of the "day job" for the year - I was one of those lucky people to finish at noon and then had a lovely catch up with Rachael from Made from Scratch at the beautiful new Libertine at the redone Victoria Markets. If you're cutting yourself off from the world this break, have a great time! If you're like me and sticking around, catching up on things, we'll be here! We'll do blog posts here and there, be announcing new things for the new year - so stay tuned! We'd love to hear what others are up to this holiday season so please do share! Hope you all have a lovely and safe holiday break! x
  1. If I have a weakness it's brownies - and these cinnamon brownies from The Little Red House look like no exception!
  2. This classic bikini from Anthropologie is just so stunning...
  3. With New Years coming up, make sure you have that clutch ready!
  4. Absolutely love the typography on this logo.
  5. Is it too late to request a gift from Santa...?
  6. How perfect is this bunting for the holiday season or any celebration really?!
Have a great week and holiday break everyone! x

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