Staycation 2012

December 26, 2012 1 Comment

I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday break so far! As all my family is in the US and my partner who's family is in beautiful Wanaka originally thought that he would have to be working through - we are having a "staycation" in Auckland this year! With so many people leaving the Auckland region for the holidays we thought it would be a great time to explore our "new" home. Unfortunately the weather gods have had other plans. Providing us with some pretty bad weather. So we've made the most of it with doing what we love! I FINALLY got some new gym shoes (been wanting some for about a year - yay!) and have really given them a go with going to the gym for the last five days straight - wowie (helps justify that summer wine of course)! I did the girly thing of cleaning out my closet, tidied up my desk (that was seriously needed) and have given our apartment a nice big clean. We've also made some delicious meals (pictured top right - recipe to come) and did my first baking in four months! Since going super healthy I've stopped baking - which breaks my heart - but sacrifices have to be made...  We also managed to get on over to White's & Co  (pictured bottom left) for a delicious soft serve yogurt treat thank's to The Collective! Fingers crossed, the weather is supposed to improve and tomorrow we're venturing out for our first tiki tour! I'm sure to keep you posted and hope you're all having a lovely break full of family, friends, and great food! x

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Venison Pumpkin Salad :
Venison Pumpkin Salad :

February 19, 2015

[…] and topping of the day! Here is one of the salads I made over the holiday break, mentioned in my Staycation post, which I promised I would post! I hope you enjoy! […]

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