Weekly Roundup 28 December

December 28, 2012

To all my readers in the southern hemisphere - Happy Summer everyone! As you may have read from my previous post - the weather here in Auckland has been a bit pants but as of tomorrow we're supposed to experience sun for a whole week! I'm getting quite excited about the prospect of going to the beach, exploring waterfalls, going on walks - oh the possibilities! Yesterday we went strawberry picking - my first time berry picking! I had such a blast even though it was a bit drizzly out and we left the fields with 4.2kg worth of delicious, ruby red strawberries! In hindsight that may have been a bit of overkill but we had a blast doing it and now have heaps of berries for our morning smoothies - win win! So with all this excitement of summer I decided to make this weekly roundup a bright and colourful one! I hope you're all having a great holiday!
  1. Stunning single Marbella Hammock from Citta Design - want.
  2. Beautiful packaging done by Curious Design for Phoenix Organic beverages - it just looks so refreshing!
  3. I'll take two margaritas please!
  4. Protection from the sun is important down here - this stylish hat is available at Witchery.
  5. You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! This beautifully packaged organic ice cream picked up a silver award at the Best Awards this year.
  6. You can't beat a good beach towel - Country Road has a great range on sale now!
I sure do hope you are all enjoying some delicious sun and enjoying the holidays with those close to you! x

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