Gift Fair - Part 3

March 18, 2013

Gift Fai - Part r3   Here is our third and final post about the Gift Fair this past month. For being our first expo / professional trade fair we are quite proud of our wee stand, which received some fantastic feedback. But we couldn't have done it without the help of some very important and talented people. Our stand layout was designed by the very clever Shaye Woolford from On My Hand. Shaye was fantastic in helping us layout the booth, figure out what props to use and she even hand painted our sign - what a clever cookie! These lovely images were taken by the super talented Coralee, who did an exceptional job. Our booth had the misfortune of having the overhead lights out and one very bright spotlight - so you can imagine she had her work cutout for her. Also a big thank you to Rachael from Made from Scratch for taking time out of her super busy schedule in helping man the stall and calming the nerves. And of course as mentioned before the great support and time of my partner and friends for helping me along the way! Thank you again everyone for following this journey! Shop, Toodles Noodles | Photography, Coralee | Styling, On My Hand | Support, Made From Scratch |

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