In the Spotlight - Hunting for George

June 11, 2013

Here's another great interview with our stockists: Hunting for George HTG Store Name: Hunting for George Your Name: Jo Harris & Lucy Glade-Wright Job Title: Sisters & Partners Location: Melbourne, Australia How did the idea of the store come about? We began Hunting for George because we wanted to create and evolve an online space that offered more than just the usual 'buy now it's cheap' attitude that many retailers saturate the market with. Why the name? Because everyone is always hunting for something. Whether it’s inspiration, love, challenges, must-have items or even a cute little toddler called George. What kind of products do you sell? An eclectic mix of both local and international lifestyle pieces. Plus our own in-house designs. What are the best and worst things about owning your shop? The best thing would be receiving awesome feedback from our customers. That always makes our day. The worst... hmmm... it's a lot of work which can be hard at times. But we love what we do so wouldn't have it any other way! What's your favourite creative outlet? At the moment we're loving creating our own products. Just sitting down together, brainstorming and sketching ideas is a lot of fun.
What are your top 5 websites/blogs at the moment and what makes them stand out?
- Loving Pinterest! We were late comers to this but having an electronic moodboard is fantastic - What the f*ck should I make for dinner! The most awesome website in the world - Studio Home is always on the pulse. She posts such amazing content and gives smaller labels a voice - Interiors Addict, style without the snobbery - Brown Cardigan: Weird, inappropriate yet highly addictive How do you find new designers / products to stock? It's a bit of a mix. Sometimes we're approached by designers, other times we find labels whilst trawling the internet and some have been picked up along our travels.
What song or album are you currently playing in the shop? Daft Punk's new album, Random Access Memories
Where can people find you physical shop and on the web? We are an online retailer and can be found at:

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