Weekly Roundup 16 August

August 16, 2013

Toodles Noodles // Weeky Roundup 16 August   Happy Friday everyone! I would be lying if I said this week hasn't been exhausting. It all started on Sunday with a fun day trip to Hamilton where I spent the day catching up with the awesome Bron Alexander and met a few of my partners friends. Followed by going back to Hamilton on Tuesday to attend SPARK where I had the pleasure of hearing speakers from both Smith Journal and Ice Breaker. Apart from the two big drives there has been filling orders, designing some limited edition items for the holiday season (yay!), getting more items ready for the gift fair, and the list goes on and on. But no need to bore you all with my busy life, as I'm sure yours has been just as chaotic in it's own way. This week's roundup has been inspired by dorm room decor. The school season in the US is starting back up again, and if there was something exciting at the beginning of each year while at University was choosing new items for your dorm room! It was always such a fun challenge to cram in as much as possible into a tiny room. I still have my clock like the one featured at number 7 - let's just say my roommate hated when it would go off in the wee hours of the morning. But I loved my vintage clock, and still do, as it's made its way with me to New Zealand. These days I use my iphone as an alarm clock but love looking at it on my bedside table. Have a fantastic weekend ya'll and stay tuned for some new product sneak peeks!
  1. With communal laundry rooms, having a functional and stylish laundry hamper is essential.
  2. Bedding plays a huge centrepiece in the dorm rooms - so make sure you pick something that will work well with your other decor items and can withstand a lot of use (used as desk, couch, table, etc.).
  3. Just because you're in a dorm room, doesn't mean you can't enjoy some fresh flowers!
  4. Loved having one of these, great for laptops, writing reports, and eating.
  5. Desk lamps are a must.
  6. Study in style - fun pencils help the homework go faster.
  7. Even with cell phones and computers, it's quite handy having that old clock around.
  8. Carry your assignments in style with this bag and matching purse.

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