Matakana Indie Market

July 23, 2013

Matakana Market

This last weekend we attended our first Matakana Indie Market! Located only 45 minutes out of Auckland City, this picturesque village instantly brings a smile to my face. Surrounded by beautiful farmland, cute vintage buildings, and wineries - no wonder this place has become a big hotspot. Sunday turned out to be a beautiful winter's day - the sun was shining, lot's of people out and about, and friendly smiley faces everywhere you turned.

We had an absolute blast and can't wait to do another one in Summer. Here are a few shots we were able to take on the day.

Matakana Market5

Matakana Market6

Matakana Market2

Matakana Market3

Matakana Market4

To find out more about Matakana and their markets you can visit the website.

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